A history of S88
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Minicomputers were first used for process control including batch in the 1970’s

In the early 80’s more popular DCS and PLC/SCADA systems became powerful enough for automating batch processes

       Languages were developed

       Techniques were developed

       Disparate methods and terminologies became a problem – users and providers were not understanding each other.

       Scope and functionality became hard to agree.

Users and providers began to cooperate to see if they could agree a way to avoid the problems

       First the NAMUR NE33 standard emerged

       Then the European Batch Forum

       Then SP88 standard began

       Then WBF - the World Batch Forum superceded the EBF and did a great deal to develop and promote the standard

       Along the way there was much discussion and expertise shared

There was maybe 80% Agreement on the standard, but it is good to understand that even on completion there were many points that do not have 100% agreement and that there remain many differences in understanding.

What was agreed

To keep Recipes Separate from the Equipment.

The models and terminologies were designed to support this concept.

The idea was to make it easy for non automation people to create new recipes

Terminology - This means the words used to describe the ‘objects in a batch process

Models - These are necessary to put  the words in context

What Not agreed

It was agreed that some things should not be defined:

How to run a process

(but the terminology can be used to define how your process should run)

How to program a system

(Although the models can carry forward into a modular software )

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