Automation Business companies
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Process Owners

Automation Equipment Suppliers

Automation Systems Integrators

Systems Integrators are companies that build and program the automation systems

They are sometimes part of the makers of the DCS and PLC systems themselves or more typically separate companies

A Control Systems Integrator:

Must understand the User Requirements

Determines an appropriate collection of hardware that can run the software required

Designs the physical equipment to house this hardware such as cabinets for controllers, inter-connecting wiring, power supplies

Designs an overall software architecture

Determines the software modules that are needed including standard 'library' modules and custom ones

Configures the module by providing all the data they need

Codes custom modules in the systems languages

Ensures that the end user is involved and ultimately accepts the system as meeting the finally agreed requirements

Provides an accurate documented history of the development of the system and the origin of the data used

And does all this in a planned time and at a cost that is acceptable for all.

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