Control Module Types
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Control Modules are the bedrock of any process automation system, as they are the part of the system that actually

Control Modules can generally be grouped into the following types

Primary Measurements

Items like Process Transmitters (Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature etc) are connected and Outputs to the process equipment via  Inputs

Primary Devices

These are modules that directly relate to objects like valves and motors. They connect to the process equipment via Inputs and Outputs

Higher Level Control Modules

These are Control Module that contain control modules, examples might be a PID Control Loop with it's transmitter and control valve, a double block and bleed valve combination etc. The main point about such Control Modules is that they group together Primary modules that always work together.

It may difficult some times to decide whether such modules are really Equipment Modules, one key is that it the module does not contain Recipe Procedural functions (such as a Phase) then they do not need to be Equipment Modules, although even this is not really defined by the standard.

See Equipment Module Types for more information

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