Control & Operability Philosophy
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This document should describe the general principles that the end user will want to apply to the project.

It should define in principle the level of process automation that is required, the information handing neeXds and the operational requirements.

Typical issues are:

Process and equipment operating fundamentals

Materials handling and storage concepts

Production management information concepts

What level of flexibility is required?

The plant may be dedicated to a single product and always use the same recipe.  Or the plant may be intended to make a large range of products. These issues can influence the requirements' analysis considerably.

How far up the procedural model should the automation extend?  For example, some operators want phases automated but operations and procedures to be manual.

What level of manual control intervention is required.

Product quality assurance records and regulatory needs

ERP integration and future expansion concepts

Plant Operators

       Who operates the plant?

       Where do the operators work?

       What skill levels they will have?

Maintenance philosophies

For more information see Control & Operability Philosophy Studies a PDF by Tony Simmons, David Macdonald and Keith Morris

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