Equipment Module
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A functional group of equipment that can carry out a finite number of specific minor processing activities.


1 An equipment module is typically centered around a piece of process equipment (a weigh tank, a process heater, a scrubber, etc.).  This term applies to both the physical equipment and the equipment entity

.2 Examples of minor process activities are dosing and weighing.

Physically, the equipment module may be made up of control modules and subordinate equipment modules.  An equipment module may be part of a unit or a stand-alone equipment grouping within a process cell.  If engineered as a stand-alone equipment grouping, it can be an exclusive-use resource or a shared-use resource. 

An equipment module can carry out a finite number of specific minor processing activities such as dosing and weighing.  It combines all necessary physical processing and control equipment required to perform those activities.  It is usually centered on a piece of processing equipment, such as a filter.   Functionally, the scope of the equipment module is defined by the finite tasks it is designed to carry out.

Specification notes

Typically Process Descriptions may be written for each equipment module type, but see also Specification Sections and Modules

Also, there are some aspect of equipment modules and indeed new ones that arise during the design of the system.

A detailed functional requirements model captures these.