Model Review Process
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The model should be subject to regular and detailed reviews with all the parties involved in the project.

Typically this process is organised to work through the process cells and the units and into the operations and phases. Prior to the review an Archive copy should be taken of the model, and the review is carried out using the Archived copy. The model is not generally changed during the review, instead minutes are taken of the required changes and these are then implemented prior to the next review.

The reviews begin with an introduction to the model, and a review of the Design Principles.

Generic Control Modules such as motors and valves are reviewed next. Since these provide much of the manual operation facilities in the plant it is important that the functionality available through these modules is understood before going into the details of the operations and phases.

Then the reviews move into the actual detail of the various process cells, unitís etc. This can include simple simulations where the valves are opened and closed, motors started etc to show dynamically the states of the equipment.

In fast track projects this is often timed to reflect the development of the process itself. It also helps to start with some of the simpler areas so that by the time the more complex areas are developed everyone has a good understanding of the methodology.

When using ControlDraw models, the Diagram reviews are conducted by displaying each diagram on a screen using the ControlDraw Reviewer and if there are any comments to be recorded then these are added as Yellow notes during the meeting.

This automatically builds an MS Access database of the comments.  If preferred reviewers can make comments in the same way and send their comments database back to the modelers

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