S88 S88 Physical Model
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The physical assets of an enterprise in terms of enterprises, sites, areas, process cells, units, equipment modules, and control modules.

The physical assets of an enterprise involved in batch manufacturing are organized in a hierarchy

The model has seven levels, starting at the top with an enterprise, a site, and an area. These three levels are frequently defined by business considerations and are not modeled further in this document.  The three higher levels are part of the model to properly identify the relationship of the lower level equipment to the manufacturing enterprise.

The lower four levels of this model refer to specific equipment types.  An equipment type in Figure 2 is a collection of physical processing and control equipment grouped together for a specific purpose.  The lower levels in the model are specific to technically defined and bounded groupings of equipment.  The four lower equipment levels (process cells, units, equipment modules, and control modules) are defined by engineering activities (see 5.2.3 and 6.1.3).  During these engineering activities, the equipment at lower levels is grouped together to form a new higher level equipment grouping. This is done to simplify operation of that equipment by treating it as a single larger piece of equipment. Once created, the equipment cannot be split up except by re-engineering the equipment in that level.

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