Programming for S88 Recipes
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Recipes are generally programmed in some form of S88 Recipe Management software, or Manufacturing Execution Systems, however it is also possible to 'Roll Your own' in your PCS, for a small process that has little flexibility this may be the most cost effective solution.

Typical S88 Recipe Management software allows for the creation and editing of Master Recipes and has the capability to run a Control Recipe for each batch.

Recipe Management software most often runs in a Server, although as mentioned you might create your own in a PCS and have it run directly in the controllers.

The Recipe Procedures, Unit Procedures, Operations are often programmed using SFC' s, although there are alternatives that use Tables to define the steps and transitions.

Remember that at the bottom level of the Procedural Hierarchy in the Recipe Manager the steps invoke  Equipment Procedural Elements (most often Phases) that run in the Controllers rather than the servers

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