Recipe Procedure
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The part of a recipe that defines the strategy for producing a batch.

The recipe procedure defines the strategy for carrying out a process.  The general and site recipe procedures are structured using the levels described in the process model since these levels allow the process to be described in non-equipment specific terms.  The master and control recipe procedures are structured using the procedural elements of the procedural control model, since these procedural elements have a relationship to equipment.

The recipe creator is limited to the use of procedural elements that have been, or will be, configured and made available for use in creating a procedure.  He or she may use any combination of these procedural elements to define a procedure.  Determination of which of these procedural elements may be part of the procedure is an application specific design decision based on many factors including the capabilities of the controls and the degrees of freedom appropriate for the recipe creator in a given application

The Control Recipe in effect is the instance of the recipe that is making or has made a batch.

Specification notes

You can use Procedure Function Chart diagrams for Procedures