S88 - A short tutorial
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This is for people such as Automation Project Managers, Process Engineers, Automation Engineers and even Operators who have to Specify, Program, Test or use an S88 application.

This tutorial applies to Part 1 of the standard, you can see about how and why the standard emerged in  a history of S88

It is not intended to be a comprehensive explanation of the standard, instead the purpose is to cover just those aspects that really matter to those people above.

Many, probably most, of the time spent developing these applications goes into PLC of DCS Controller software, and this tutorial concentrates on those aspects

First please understand that S88.01 itself is NOT a standard for software, instead it is about describing applications in a consistent and agreed way. That said, there are aspects of S88 that readily map to software structures and in this tutorial the software aspects will indeed be covered.

S88  Part 1 is called Batch Control, Part 1: Models and Terminology, and has in it's introduction:

This standard (Part 1, Models and Terminology) is intended for people who are

- involved in designing and/or operating batch manufacturing plants;

- responsible for specifying controls and the associated application programs for batch manufacturing plants; or

- involved in the design and marketing of products in the area of batch control.

Specifically, this standard provides a standard terminology and a consistent set of concepts and models for batch manufacturing plants and batch control that will improve communications between all parties involved; and that will

- reduce the user's time to reach full production levels for new products;

- enable vendors to supply appropriate tools for implementing batch control;

- enable users to better identify their needs;

-  make recipe development straightforward enough to be accomplished without the services of a control systems engineer;

- reduce the cost of automating batch processes; and

-  reduce life-cycle engineering efforts.

It is not the intent of this standard to

- suggest that there is only one way to implement or apply batch control;

- force users to abandon their current way of dealing with their batch processes; or

- restrict development in the area of batch control.

Contents of the S88 Part 1 provides an overview of the contents of the standard with some notes and links to more details

The Batch and the Recipe gives some background on what a batch is and why we need it

S88 Modularisation provides some guidelines on how to assign the module in an application

Programming Equipment Controls provides some information on programming the controllers in an application

Programming for S88 Recipes provides some information on programming the recipes

Interfacing procedural elements discusses the Procedural State Model, Phase Logic Interfaces etc that are involved in linking recipes to equipment

Note - this is preliminary and will improve in time, check back later.

External Links

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www.batch-a.com/Batch-A/S8801.htm provides more on the 88 definitions as does ISA-88.COM

www.s88control.blogspot.com provides observations on the use of standard.

Think of batch standard as design philosophy By Frede Vinther discusses the limitations of the standard and some implementation factors

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