The Batch and the Recipes
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S88 of course has Batch in itís title.

A Batch is the material that is being produced or that has been produced by a single execution of a batch process.

And a Recipe is of course the set of instructions for making a batch.

The concept of a Batch is essential for separating recipes from equipment, and Equipment need not 'know' what it is making. It just does what it is told to, using the quantities and settings that the recipe requires.

The standard defines what makes a batch, using the term Recipe.

It also indicates how the product specific settings etc for the equipment can be mapped between the recipe and the equipment.

For Recipes it describes a hierarchy of levels, the general recipe, site recipe, master recipe, and control recipe.

Note - typically a Recipe Manager only works with the lower two levels, the Master (or perhaps Site) Recipes being what the recipe designer creates and the control recipe being the running or completed instance of the recipe that makes or has made a batch.

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