The ISA S88.01 standard
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ANSI/ISA-88.01-1995, Batch Control, Part 1: Models and Terminology

The standard defines hierarchical recipe management and process segmentation frameworks, which separate products from the processes that make them. The standard promotes reuse and flexibility of equipment, and provides a structure for coordinating and integrating recipe-related information across the traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and control domains.

The standard is not a standard for software, equipment or procedures; rather a design philosophy. The intention is to leverage the knowledge and experience contained in the standard to enable better identification of customer needs and making recipe development easier.

Part 1 of the S88 standard is for defining requirements (including manual ones) by using an agreed terminology and a set of Models.

It is not the purpose of this web site to explain S88, as there are already many good resources for that.

It is well worth spending some time learning about S88 if you are going to write a specification. And not only if your plant is batch, it can be applied to continuous and discrete processes as well.

You can find a collection of links to S88 resources on the ControlDraw S88 Links page.

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