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May 2007        Re-Started this web site

June  2007        Improved web site

14 June 2007        Added more on S88

17 June 2007        Still improving, more on testing and Graphics

1 July 2007        added new URS Links

16 Oct 2007        Added Word URS template and link to Emerson Process Descriptions

6 Sept 2008        Added references to ISA-5.06.01-2007 and Norsok I-005 

Mar 2009        Added more on Instruments and PFD's, improved the process description 

May 2009        Added more on SDS's and SMSs, plus minor improvements elsewhere and more external links

July 2009        Various improvements and addition of State Based Control

June 2010        Added the Short S88 Tutorial

Aug 2012        Various improvements